We're Thinkers, Tinkerers, Builders, And Misfits

What makes us different is our experience in the tech space, results-driven approach and uncompromising creative process.

Who we are

We help clients globally by becoming an extension of their business


We believe in honest and open communication both internally and when supporting our clients, so that our customers view us as an extension of their own team.


We want to embrace a mindset of curiosity, openness to change and discovery. It is this mindset that allows us to reflect with our customers and discover better ways to solve problems.


This often requires absorbing a large amount of context, distilling a problem down to its first principles and desired outcomes, and synthesizing the simplest effective solution. We can’t allow the perfect to be the enemy of the great.

We’re grateful for the people we get to team up with every day and are inspired by their care for others and dedication to giving their best, continually striving to learn and grow.

Co-founder / CEO

Shehroz Ahmed


Ahmad Afzal

Business Development Lead


User Experience Lead


WordPress Developer


Copyrighting / CMS


QA Engineer


Frontend Lead


Where are we located?

We have our offices at the most renowned locations of Europe and Asia


Art and Design Hub of South Asia


Startup Capital of Europe

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